Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You'll just have to trust us....

Bearing in mind the usual caveats associated with anonymous *whistle-blowers*:
CLAIMS made by an Assembly Government civil servant raise serious concerns about the running of the Department responsible for the Welsh economy, according to the Conservatives.

In a letter to the Western Mail, the whistle-blower lists a series of alleged shortcomings, claiming they illustrate how the Department for Economy and Transport is letting Wales down, and which include:

...there are still 9 points made there, almost all of which should have been quite easy to refute with clear evidence to the contrary by the Department of Economy and Transport.

For example, if someone had alleged this:
ministers’ decision to reject connecting with the highly praised Business Link and Direct Gov websites, helping millions of individuals and businesses elsewhere in the UK, on the grounds that they are "too English*" and would make the millions of pounds invested in WAG’s site look embarrassing;

...then (you would have thought) it should have been a relatively straightforward matter of producing the sound business reasons why they didn't connect with Business Link and Direct Gov.

But no:
An (anonymous) Assembly Government spokesman would not respond on a point-by-point basis to the allegations, and made the (unsubstantiated) claim that:
"This is merely a list of unsubstantiated and spurious claims from an anonymous individual claiming to work for the Department for Economy and Transport."

That's me certainly convinced anyway.

*My emphasis. What does a "too English" website look like anyway, I wonder?


Hen Ferchetan said...

Going only from this post (haven't rad the story sorry!) then "too English" probably means something very different to what you think.

Directgov is a (very helpful) website that tells people what the laws, rules, regulations and procedures of all kind of things are.

But the problem is that the laws, rules, regulations and procedures of all kind of things are now different in England than in Wales. So linking people to a website that gives the English versions is counter-productive to a Welsh department because it will give people the wrong information (i.e. those for England not Wales, i.e. too English)

O'Neill said...

That's one possible interpretation certainly, but why doesn't the anonymous Assembly Spokesman put us all out of our misery and confirm it's the right one?

Stonemason. said...

The sin is having any differences in laws etc. of the regions of the United Kingdom.

It's as if there is any real distinction between the men and women of the United Kingdom; a ridiculous situation made worse in Wales by the Independence movement who are unable to function without manufacturing differences or resorting to the Hysterical Histories.

Thankfully we have an imminent change of political direction at Westminster.