Saturday, April 11, 2009 should've asked Paddy.

Strangford DUP MLA Simon Hamilton has commented on a Europe-wide opinion poll drawn up by academic experts from the London School of Economics showing that the DUP, Sinn Fein and UCUNF will win a seat in the forthcoming European election in Northern Ireland.

Fine so far, it does indeed show that.
Mr. Hamilton said that the poll findings confirmed that it would be a close battle between Diane Dodds and Bairbre de Brun as to who will be the leading voice for Northern Ireland in Europe.

Ah, you haven't really seen the opinion poll have you Simon?
No, it doesn't show that.
It shows exactly that Mrs Dodds, Ms deBrun and Jim Nicholson will win a seat, no mention anywhere of "close battles".
Now, why would he (or whoever's fed him it) "misinterpret" a pretty simple set of statistics?
"The figures speak for themselves. Polling experts agree that the DUP will win a seat as will Sinn Fein and UCUNF. The battle therefore will be to establish who wins the election and claims the right to speak as the leading voice of Northern Ireland. It’s Dodds or de Brun. That is the choice we are confronted with."

Gosh, I didn't see that one coming.

In all probability this election is going to be tight, but if he'd wanted some kind of guestimate about how tight it'll be, then he should have popped into Paddy Power's for a quick shufty of the present odds. But I guess quoting Paddy Power is not really the done thing for a Dupe MLA...


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O'Neill said...

Yep, breaking news, he's replacing Iris who's retiring to spend more time with her expenses;)

Anonymous said...

Simon says - 'the important thing is that we all remember to turn the election into a sectarian headcount. Odious little git. I will enjoy watching him lose his seat come the Assembly elections

Anonymous said...

Simon says it is important that two Unionists are returned.
The Conservatives and Unionists are aiming to have two DOZEN unionist MEPs returned

Anonymous said...

O'Neill the REAL story on expenses is that if Diane wins the Dodds Dynstey will actually be racking in more tax payers cash than the Swish Family Robinson!
Nigel Dodds is already NI's most expensive MP and with his MLA and Ministerial money to throw into the pot IF she wins they will be rolling in it!