Saturday, April 25, 2009

David Cameron's endorsement of Jim Nicholson

Today after the UUP AGM, Jim Nicholson's campaign has been launched with speeches from David Cameron, Reg Empey and Jim Nicholson himself.

David Cameron said:
It is bad for democracy that Northern Ireland is only represented at Westminster by parties than can never form, or be part of, the government there. That has to change.

I want MPs from Northern Ireland serving in a Conservative Government at Westminster. I want to draw on the talents of people from all parts of the United Kingdom. That’s my selfish strategic interest.

Northern Ireland can move on from focusing on constitutional battles, because the constitutional issue is settled.

The debate needs to be about the economy, jobs, mortgages, pensions and our public services. All the issues that affect people here on a daily basis every bit as much as they do in other parts of the United Kingdom.

The Union remains whilst a majority of the electorate in Northern Ireland wishes it to do so- that fact on the ground has now been accepted as a fact in legal reality by all parties in Northern Ireland, the Republic’s government and by all the parties at Westminster. In other words, our battle is not now to persuade that it is the Northern Irish electorate alone who should have the final decision over their constitutional future, but to ensure that we are able to persuade a large majority of that electorate it is in their best interest to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

And that battle will not be won replaying old battles but by looking to build closer ties with the rest of our nation and by moving the debate out of the old stale communal bunkers.


Timothy Belmont said...

Most heartening news that UUP politicians could form part of the new Conservative & Unionist Government in 2010.


Stonemason. said...

Well said.