Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I think that probably means 'no"...

In all honesty, I don't remember signing this, but I must have done because yesterday morning Number 10 has emailed me saying that...
Your suggestion of a Bank Holiday to celebrate St George’s Day has been one of the popular suggestions we have received. However, there are other very popular suggestions, including one for a new ‘British Day’ after Remembrance Sunday to celebrate the contribution of our Armed Forces.

However, I really think they've missed the point on this one:
There are however ongoing activities to decide how best we can celebrate and commemorate the nature of our citizenship and national identity in the UK. The ‘Governance of Britain’ Green Paper set out the Government’s commitment to lead an inclusive debate to develop a Statement of Values to help identify what binds us together as a nation.
Along with an increasing number of Unionists in Northern Ireland, I'm happy to celebrate the patron saint of the island of Ireland on March 17th. As should be patently obvious by now, I'm very proud of my British citizenship and national identity, but that's not what I'm celebrating on St Patrick's Day. Rather obviously, Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, not the United Kingdom as a whole. Saint George is the patron saint of England, not the United Kingdom as a whole and I really think that's the point that was being made in the petition regarding the bank Holiday request.
We are grateful to you for taking the time to submit your views

"Now bugger off", they might have finished.


Timothy Belmont said...

They missed the point entirely.


O'Neill said...

Something I've noticed with the No10 site, they simply refuse to address many of the issues and instead throw out the govt line regardless- which negates the whole exercise in supposed citizens' democracy.