Monday, March 23, 2009

A carefully sculptured mask slips

Scratch an SNP aide and look what crawls out of the woodwork...
And he claimed that Sinn Fein's strategy had moved "from the bomb and to the bedroom" - in an attempt to create a nationalist majority in Northern Ireland.

Oh dear, oh dear.
Breed the Brit barstewards out of Ireland, how very 1970s ethno-nat and not really the kind of cuddly civic, secular nationalism we've come to expect from the "modern" SNP.
Mr Hirst argued demographic changes meant there would be a nationalist majority in Northern Ireland within a short period.

A baby is not born with its political affiliation already mapped out for it. But I think Mr Hirst is hinting at something a bit more base here; not so much a "breed the British barstewards out of Ireland" then; more a "breed the Prod barstewarts out of Ulster".
Northern Ireland's population would within a "relatively short" time, have nationalist majority, he said.

Population or voting electorate? If it's the former, how is he measuring the size of that "nationalist" population? Guess.
"The clock is ticking away in their favour and the current political process and institutions in the North, which are and remain deeply flawed, are only being maintained to ensure a smooth political transition to the point where a majority nationalist and republican government can call a referendum on reunification and the children being produced now in their communities endorse that peacefully," he said.

Brilliant, even Sinn Fein aren't that crudely ethno-nationalist anymore (at least, not in public).
He said the "ultimate letting go" of Ulster by Britain was likely to coincide with the point where Scotland finally reached out for "her national freedom also".

What "keeps" Northern Ireland British?
The will of the majority of its citizens.
It therefore won't be up to "Britain", or indeed SNP aides, to let "Ulster" go.
But apart from all that...yes, very good work Mr Hirst.


The Aberdonian said...

The guy is a tube but since he works for Christine Graehame, I am not surprised. You failed to mention that the SNP disowned the comments.

There was an article last week in the Scotsman about the modern foundings of the SNP i.e. the 79 group about Salmond's dealings with Sinn Feinn

To quote:

"Civil disobedience was at least, albeit briefly, SNP policy, but engagement with the Provisional Sinn Fein (PSF) was not. When the PSF wrote to the 79 Group suggesting a representative address its conference, Mr Salmond sensed trouble and moved to refuse the request. He won, but minutes of the meeting were leaked to the press and opponents of the 79 Group sensed an opportunity to move in for the kill.

The PSF affair coincided with the collapse of the civil disobedience campaign at the June 1982 SNP conference. Mr Salmond warned delegates the party would be adopting "a defeatist and cringing mentality" if it was dumped, but it was no use. When Winnie Ewing launched her own internal group, the Campaign for Nationalism in Scotland, at a noisy fringe meeting, the writing was on the wall for the 79 Group."

Of course Labour is not unknown to have quasi-republican sympathisers, particularly in Western Central Scotland.

The names Reid, Murphy and formerly of that parish, Galloway come to mind in the Rebel Songs chorous.

Not to mention supporter (and arch-anti devolutionist) Mr Connolly ala his World Tour of England, Wales and Ireland - paid for out of BBC license payers money.

O'Neill said...

The only SNP response I've seen is:

"Mr Hirst's views were written in a personal capacity, and are his own.

"He condemns those seeking to go back to violence in Northern Ireland.

"Support for the peace process is something that unites all democratic politicians."

Which is hardly "disowning" surely?

The Aberdonian said...

Maybe not wholeheartedly - best to let it blow over.

I was interested in the fact that the politician they got to criticise him was Adam "ex-Orangeman" Ingram on this issue.

I thought it would have been much more interesting to get a quote from his ex-boss Dr Reid on this--------

(Dr Reid and Mr Ingram's views on Irish affairs are chronicled in Galloway's memoirs apparently - Galloway said that Reid had been inspired by his granny's tales about "Dead Fennians" - and they put this guy in charge of NI and Defence!)

Chekov said...

This guy would enjoy the 'Ulster's Doomed' blog I suspect.

O'Neill said...

I was interested in the fact that the politician they got to criticise him was Adam "ex-Orangeman" Ingram on this issue.

I blogged on something vaguely related to this a couple of months ago, to call for the repeal of the Act of Settlement Labour corralled a group of Scottish Labour MPs, who just happened to be also Catholic. It may be a coincidence or a none-too-subtle strategy developing here. BTW why did Ingram leave the OO, was it simply because they wouldn't let him play the flute;)?


The Headless Horseman and Hirst are both fighting an immoral out of date battle which will have no influence on our constitutional future. But if that's what they want to devote their energy to, whilst we move on to slightly more relevant matters, it's entirely up to them!!

Anonymous said...

For the life of me the only thing wrong that I can see are the tone of the comments here.

Galloway has axes to grind, I suspect his dislike of Scottish nationalism is yet another axe, or could it be self serving considering that he makes his living as a "British MP" I could name lots of other Labour fenians to match the war criminal Reid, but what is the point as these hypocrites have made their bed.............Frig them!

Please point out to me just where factually the SNP aide has gone wrong. Or is he too crude for precious auld you.

tony said...

Eh, the above was yours truly.

Dub said...

Er... if you good people can't see that "Aberdonian's" comment are considerably more worrying than Mr Hirst's, then you truly do need to remove the mote from your own eye first

O'Neill said...


If you don't get it, then you don't get it.


You should really try to read some more of Aberdonian's comments, he is most certainly no Unionist.