Monday, February 23, 2009

We need your help to separate!

Scotland's new 'Minister for Independence', talking about the Referendum Bill:
"The bill would require a majority; where that majority came from it is far too early to say."

The first part of the statement is merely an acknowledgement of legal reality, the second is also an implicit acknowledgement of political reality- without persuading over either the Tories or Labour to the wisdom of such a referendum, then it's not going to happen, simple as that. Nevertheless, it is an interesting outburst of realism and realism is what has been missing from the SNP's pronouncements of late.

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Anonymous said...

Each of the three Scottish unionist party leaders has now categorically ruled out supporting the SNP's referendum bill.

Iain Gray, Labour: “To my mind both the question and the timing are rigged, not to suit Scotland’s interests but to suit the SNP’s interests, therefore we wouldn’t support it.

Annabel Goldie, Conservatives: “A referendum is not on our agenda. We will oppose Alex Salmond’s bill.”

Tavish Scott, Lib Dems: “Any politician who spends time and money putting to the country a referendum on the constitution when people are losing their jobs will get killed by the electorate and rightly so.”