Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quote of the Day

Shadow Immigration Minister and Conservative MP, Damian Green:
"I regard anyone born in Britain as British, unless they choose to take another nationality.

That's the Daily Mail told then.


Chekov said...


Belfast Greyhound said...

Loose talk here I fear as the public perception will be that only those born on the other side of the water can be British in the fullest sense.
What will the New Force make of this?

Anonymous said...

Keep up Greyhound Damien Green means anyone born in the UK is an equal citizen of the UK - and his party is proving that by taking risks to attempt to bring NI into UK politics

Belfast Greyhound said...

Don't be daft. All that Greens said was said was from an English dominated view of how the notion works.
And NI has been in UK politics in the past in a very full sense before and is there perhaps just a touch of belt and braces here on the part of the Tories who feel that they need to get as many possible on side just in case the proposed landslide in votes for them does not return as many actual seats as they need.
They could not sell the notion of cuddling up to the DUP as a notion that would work in the shires.