Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Churchill's and our good fortune

Alastair Campbell reckons that Winston Churchill "may never have made it to the top if he had lived in modern Britain" as he would have been "stigmatised" because of his depression.

Campbell reckons many others suffering from the same condition also would not have been allowed to achieve what they did because of "today's intense media glare and often unforgiving public scrutiny."

Campbell himself has suffered from both depression and alcoholism and he has been brave in being open about that fact; but, still, I think there is a hint of hyprocrisy here:

Given his own aggressive hounding of political opponents of the New Labour project has he not also been guilty of contributing towards this situation of intense and "unforgiving public scrutiny"?
And given his own well-known ruthlessness, can it honestly be said, notwithstanding the nature of his own problems, that he wouldn't have used similar weaknesses in opponents to his and his government's advantage?

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