Saturday, August 9, 2008

The SNP's military wing suspended.

Most councillors stick to being photographed judging the "Biggest Marrow" or "Cutest Brat" competition at the local village fete; they must do things differently in Glasgow:
EMBARRASSED SNP managers moved quickly last night to suspend one of their councillors who was filmed firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle at a military camp in Pakistan.

Jahangir Hanif, a councillor in Glasgow, took five of his six children into the mountainous border region of Kashmir two years ago to shoot the AK-47.

He then let his children fire the assault rifle.

But it’s ok, might even be "legal" to let your kids fire off assault rifles; according to:
Stuart Crawford, a former senior army officer and military expert,said it was not uncommon for the Pakistani authorities to invite guests to shoot Kalashnikovs in that area, adding he had been taken there himself to do exactly that. He added: "It's like the Wild West out there. Everybody has a gun."

It wasn't mentioned in the article, Col.Crawford was once a candidate and defence strategist for the Scottish National Party.


Ignited said...

Usually when you hear about getting 'trained' in Pakistan you are talking about militant extremists being trained to in the ways of jihad. I can only wonder what his defence will be.

O'Neill said...

And I think "camp" in this context means something slightly different than the traditional boy scouts or girl guides' ones we're used to!!