Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lords come to their senses a bit too late

FOUR out of five peers believe that the Government’s programme of devolution has damaged the Union, according to a poll released today.

As a famous philosopher once said…"Duh!"
Labour argued that the establishment of a Scottish Parliament and Assemblies in Northern Ireland and Wales would see off separatist forces by giving an outlet to legitimate demands for Britain’s nations to govern their own affairs.

What they may have argued and what their real intentions were...two completely different things; they were established for purely selfish political reasons, Blair and Co believed that these two devolved assemblies would introduce the Thousand Year Labour Reich in all three legislatures (Westminster,Cardiff and Edinburgh) and as a nice side benefit kill off the Tories and also their separatist rivals in Scotland and Wales.
But with a Scottish National Party executive governing at Holyrood and Plaid Cymru in coalition with Labour in Cardiff, a large majority of peers quizzed for the poll said they believed the opposite outcome had resulted.

Again, like, duh!
They didn’t really think this through- you can’t kill off independence by giving more independence- it just whets the separatist appetite.
Among those who felt nationalism had been fuelled by devolution were 75% of Labour peers and 50% of Liberal Democrats – the two parties which pushed through the legislation.

Well, if that's the case, I can only hope their guilty consciences keep them awake at night.

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