Thursday, May 8, 2008

Devolution boosts paper-clip sector.

Northern Irish devolution one year on; its "achievements"?

1.) 21% of the public thinks the Executive has done a good job since they took up office a year.

2.) The consolidation of sectarian politics- Protestants rate Protestant ministers higher than any Catholic ministers, and Catholics tended to do the opposite.

3.) Five Ministers - half the heads of departments - are each completely unknown to about one-third of the population

4.) Almost three quarters of those polled (72%) say devolution hasn't made any difference to their lives.

But it's not all bad news, local stationary suppliers are reported well-satisfied with Stormont's work...


Hen Ferchetan said...

21% of the public thinks the Executive has done a good job since they took up office a year.

How is that an argument against devolution?

23% of people think the UK government is doing a good job. Is that an argument against Unionism?

O'Neill said...

You've probably gathered by now how strangely the sham administration at Stormont works; all the parties are represented in the executive, there is no opposition.

So, when people say they are unhappy with Westminster (or Edinburgh or Cardiff) what they mean is that they are unhappy with the party or coalition in power, not the system of govt per se. When only 21%of NI's population say they are satisfied with how they are being governed, it's essentially a criticism of inherently undemocratic way devolution has been applied here.

I notice you left the other figures, eg the consolidation of sectarian politic,s alone. Here's a further critical articel about our system of government from this morning:

Hen Ferchetan said...

I left the other ones alone O'Neill because I don't know enough about NI politics to have a valid comment on them. I just hate it when so many people think that a bad Cardiff/Scotland/NI govenment is a reason to mouth off the whole institution.

CwlCymru said...

Unionists happily use any failings in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to bash devolution- but stay well clear of bashing Westminster despite a record amount of failings...

hypocrisy is what its called.

O'Neill said...

So I should just shut up about what Belfast, Edinburgh, cardiff does wrong because it goes against the present political orthodoxy?

If so, censorship is what its called...