Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day

You can tell election fever is in the air:
Nick Clegg has said the Liberal Democrats would only join a coalition government in a hung parliament in exchange for a "complete reinvention" of British politics

Beyond devolution, Unionism is eyeing the possibility of a hung parliament.

If it does occur, Robinson will do business - but for a much higher price than the UUP in the Callaghan and Major eras.

Mr Price told GMTV:"There's no veto as far as talking to the Conservatives,as we did in the assembly.
"We have to put the interests of the people of Wales first,"
he said.

"Now I am charging the party to build a Scottish block of at least 20 MPs in the Westminster parliament, people ready, willing and able to defend our parliament and our people. If we can achieve that, then all the Westminster 'Noes' will suddenly becomes 'Yeses'. We can make Westminster dance to a Scottish jig."

...though it’s not the time for anyone to get too giddy yet; after all, the only election which counts is still (probably) two years away.

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