Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More lunacy from "The Peace Process" Asylum

From the Belfast Telegraph:
A new report from the European commission says that China could learn from Northern Ireland's experience in handling ethnic division.

The report also claims that lessons from local conflict resolution could be exported around the world, with countries such as Brazil and Russia also benefiting.

What lessons may those be then?
That ""More, stronger and higher "Peace" Walls make a better peace""?
Or that how easily peace can be "bought" by bribing and bending over for the forces of divisive, sectarian and/or racist ethno-nationalism?

I hope the Chinese, Brazilians and Russians are also given the opportunity to see our "post-conflict" "legislature" in action, say during a debate on the Irish language or the offensiveness of Princess Di mugs. And I hope they then have the good grace not to laugh in "our" "community"-"leaders"' faces when they attempt to lecture them on the lessons to be learnt from how they handle "ethnic" division.

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