Monday, April 7, 2008

If you really hate the English....

...then why don't you slash a horse across the face?
"Scum" is the only adequate description for the animals who did this:
A horse's nose was cut and anti-English graffiti daubed on a stables owned by a Cardiff woman who had moved to a village in west Wales.

"This is a Welsh-speaking area and they might have mistaken our Cardiff accents for English, that is all I can think," she (Alison Hayes, owner of the horse) added.

"This was an incredibly cruel thing to do. Hope is a beautiful, friendly animal and she was slashed across the face and mouth."


Hen Ferchetan said...

This is not quite as simple as it first seems.

Read my post on it and you'll see that there's something not quite smelling right here

The words painted on that shed are not Welsh, it's gibberish.

O'Neill said...

I've left my thoughts over on your own blog.

Hen Ferchetan said...

And have replied - your theory still doesnt make sense. Nothing in the story makes sense - all the (little) evidence given in those stories makes it VERY unlikely that this had anything to do with politics.

Welsh nashies, even 15 year old drunks, know how to say "English Out" believe me! Every 15 year old kis has years of Welsh education behind you remember. It might not make them fluent, but it sure as hell means they wouldn;t write gibbeish like that!

And don;t you feel it totally pathetic that the BBC, nor any other media outlet, have even conceded i their articles that the writing did not actually say "English Out"?