Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch out, civil rights are lurking behind that back-door...

Final proof that Northern's Ireland's Supremo:

a) Is going doolally
b) Is not a Unionist
c) Has "forgotten" the principles of the Reformation
Ian Paisley has asked Gordon Brown for an assurance that the embryo research bill is not "a back door way to introduce abortion to NI".

If the Embryo Research Bill is passed,then the Embryo Research Bill is passed; whatever happens abortion will not be creeping into Ulster behind the fundamentalists (of all descriptions) back, even the old fool Honourable Member for North Antrim should realise that. Abortion will be "introduced" (what a quaint way of putting it; you could argue that since Irish girls of all faiths and none are having abortions this very day, although forced to do so outside their own homeland, abortion has already been "introduced" to Northern Ireland) when there is a law passed to that effect either at Stormont or Westminster. I'm sure Brown's assurance that it's not that fabled "back door way" to womens' reproductive rights, bearing in mind that every whim of the old bigot is now being indulged by the British and Irish Establishments, is on its way.
The DUP leader argued that Stormont was the correct place to deal with the topic of abortion in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and especially on matters of personal conscience, it should abide by the wishes, democratically expressed of the United Kingdom's parliament- that's what I would describe as an orthodox Unionist line. Paisley and the rest of the DUP fundos should start brushing up on their debating skills and attempt to win their argument in the sovereign parliament of the United Kingdom instead of relying on their fellow reactionaries at Stormont to keep Ulster a socially and culturally repressed outpost.

Finally, I always believed that one of the main tenets behind Protestantism was the concept of personal conscience being your guiding force as opposed to a monolithic central body dictating how you should interpret your relationship with both your god and the wider society. Paisley and the Free Ps would appear to disagree with me on that one.

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