Sunday, March 30, 2008

Memo to Jack Straw: Our real "Shared Values"

Earlier on in the week, I expressed my irritation at Brown’s continual harping on about our unspecified "shared values".

Quite conveniently then is this survey(pdf) in The Economist for both myself and all those at the Labour Party charged with the task of defining those "shared values" and coralling them into a catch-all "Britishness" for the 21st Century.

So, British shared values:

1.We don’t trust politicians (72%)
2.We believe immigrants "should integrate into our society and adopt a British way of life" (81%)
3.We believe abortion should be legal (94%)
4.We believe in the death penalty (75%)
5.Are not satisifed with the EU (57%)
6 Margaret Thatcher would be our favoured choice as prime-minister
7.And are half and half about whether homosexuality is a "good thing" or not.

That little lot should give Jack Straw enough to work on for his pledge.

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