Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Pats (What's left of it)!

Better late than never...whatever way you've decided to honour Ireland's favourite Briton, hope you've had a good one.

If you've gone for the old liver-abuse option and been hammering the pints of Bushmills and Guinness chasers, probably it's an appropriate time and place to mention that today is also the Feast day of St Joseph of Arimathaea, the patron saint of grave-diggers and undertakers.


Paul said...

I sent everyone at work an email with a blue flax flower and green shamrock. Being in North America, nobody had a clue what the blue flower was about.

O'Neill said...

Another trivia question to sort out the real Irish from the imposters:

What's the official colour of the Republic of Ireland?

Fakey said...

define real Irish O'Neill?

beano said...

There's an "official colour"?

I'll bite: St Patrick's blue?

O'Neill said...

Anyone who answered "blue" to my question;)

Like Beano for example!!

Seamus said...

"St Patrick's Blue" is the colour of the Presidential Standard and the Coat of Arms. Ireland doesn't have a specific national colour, coded in law.

O'Neill said...

It may not be actually written down in law, but the only reason I know that blue is regarded as the official colour is that I had to do a trivia quiz on Monday: anyway "St Patrick's Blue" and "Presidential Blue" are the colours that the Government of Ireland use for their day to day business. St. Patrick's Blue is light blue, Presidential Blue appears in the Irish crest ( dark navy blue with a golden harp).

Apparently blue is the colour of the Dail carpet, but more importantly, it's also the predominant colour you'll see if you ever visit an Irish Embassy abroad. Wasn't it also the colour of the pre-EU European passport?