Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deluded Ulster Party to the rescue.

The Ulster Nationalists have been lecturing Brown on the Union:
North Belfast DUP MP Nigel Dodds has raised the issue of the Union at Prime Minister’s Question Time today. Mr. Dodds asked the Prime Minister why in an article he wrote about the importance of the Union there was reference to England Scotland and Wales, but no mention of Northern Ireland. In response, the Prime Minister stated that he valued the Union and wanted to see it strengthened.

Well, you're wrong Nigel, the edited/print version may have had no direct reference to Northern Ireland, but the full internet version most certainly did.
The DUP is working now in the devolved institutions to more firmly entrench our position inside the Union and I would urge the Prime Minister to think more carefully in future about the things he says. Whilst we have faced down the threat posed by nationalism here, it is up to him to do likewise in Scotland."

We'll leave for the moment how a party whose MPs are hardly ever seen at Westminster can claim to be entrenching our position within the Union; strange use of terminology at the end there; "Threat" was not exactly how your party-supremo referred to his pal, Mr Salmond last time he was in town

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