Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another "interesting" Straw proposal.

This is getting ridiculous...
GOVERNMENT departments will be encouraged to fly the Welsh flag from their buildings on St David’s Day as part of a new drive to talk up the benefits of the Union.

At present UK Government buildings in Wales fly the flag on March 1, but Justice Secretary Jack Straw said this should be extended to all Whitehall buildings in England.

I can (just about) see the argument for flying the Welsh or Scottish flag or indeed the Crosses of St George and St Patrick* in conjunction with the Union flag- but only in their own respective parts of the United Kingdom.

But why in earth should an Irish, Scottish or Welsh flag be flown from government offices in England??

Does Jack Straw really think flying the other three countrys' flags will help to convince the English of the benefits of the Union?

*Now there’s a campaign Northern Irish Unionists could get their teeth into- let’s have our own part of the UK's flag, the Cross of St Patrick, flying alongside the Union flag outside government and local authority buildings in Northern Ireland.


Hen Ferchetan said...

A quite stupid proposal I agree. As a Welshman I see no eason for English public buildings to fly the Welsh flag, just as I wouldn;t expect our public buildings to fly the cross of St george.

Let's cut down on the expensive waste of numerous flagpoles - one building one flag. Red Dragon in Wales, Georgie's Cross in England, Saltire in cotland and St Patrick's in Northern Ireland. The Union Jack can go where she belongs, the dustbin ;-)

O'Neill said...

Welcome back Hen!
But you're a bit premature pensioning off the Union flag, there's still a bit of life let in the old girl:)

Hen Ferchetan said...

The Union JACK (as she is officially called) will unfortunately live on for a little longer. The derision of Brown for his string of "Embrace Britian" initiatives suggests that she's on her last legs though ;-)