Monday, February 25, 2008

Tax-Free Patriotism works out that much cheaper....

Sir Sean Connery has said he believes Scotland will become an independent country within his lifetime.

The 77-year-old former James Bond actor, who lives in the Bahamas*, says Scotland is "within touching distance" of achieving independence.

Writing for the Scottish Sunday Express, Sir Sean praises the work of the SNP government which gained power in the devolved parliament last year.

He has been the SNP's most high-profile supporter, donating thousands to funds.
Sir Sean, who was born in Edinburgh, has previously sworn not to return to the country until it is independent.

I wonder why he wants to wait that long?
After all, if Salmond does gets those fiscal powers devolved from Westminster, you’d have thought it was the duty of every patriotic Scot to rush back from their tax haven er...exile to help prepare the country for its inevitable "independence and equality".

*In Bahamas there is no income tax, no corporate income tax, no capital gains tax, no value-added tax- just like it'll be in an independent Scotland.

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The Aberdonian said...

As mentioned earlier, a bit like your fellow unionists the Barclay Brothers. Against devolution and wanting a centralised British state but living in Sark - purely for their physical health of course.

Another example is Moira Anderson. She was a strong opponent of devolution in the 1979. No tin pot assembly for her. I believe since then she has relocated to the Isle of Man - no doubt for the bracing sea air.