Friday, February 22, 2008

A Genuine Conversion?

The English Democrats are the only political party in England actively campaigning for an English parliament.
This from their website:
The fact is there is no political party putting the interests of England first. All three major parties are “unionist” in outlook. This means that they see themselves representing the interests of all three nations in the UK, irrespective of whether policies that support Wales and Scotland disadvantage England. England has over 55 million people, we need our own distinct voice, no unionist party will put England first – we will.
We are not extremists, we are people like you - people who are concerned about what is happening to our country and to our culture.

Bearing that last sentence in mind, there is a presently an article from a very curious source on their website.
A sample quote from the article's author, Alan Winder:
Firstly, White Nationalism. This is, I believe, an ideal, but one which is, ultimately, self-destructive.

My emphasis.
And a previous quote from a previous "political" reincarnation:
After his coup, Winder made his intentions clear in a secret letter to Klan activists: "I intend to make us a success.

"By a 'success' I mean nothing short of our being the leading group throughout Europe for the fight for the preservation of our race and community, and the exile of the Jewish and mud races

Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in the principle of free speech and the open society and within the limits of the law Mr Winder has the right to pedal whatever views he so desires, the English Democrats have the right to give a platform to those views.

However; I'm curious about two aspects:

1.Is Mr Winder now a member of he English Democrats?
2.Have his views on forced repatriation of the "Jewish and mud races" altered since his departure(?) from the KKK?

If the answer to 1) is "yes" and 2) "no", then are we to take it as read that members holding such racist views are acceptable within the English Democrats?


Anonymous said...

The Union is dead, get over it.

O'Neill said...

You seem confused about what I'm writing about here.

Read the post again, it's about an ex(?)-member of the KKK and BNP writing an article on English nationalism for the English Democrats.

Any opinion on that particular topic?

Anonymous said...

Not confused, more commenting about this being a unionist blog.

But having read the article again as per your request, if I were English, I would be a trifle concerned as to where politics in England were headed.

For ED (English Democrats) to say there are only 3 nations in the "uk", I think they need a refresher history lesson. The uk is Scotland, England, Wales and NI, otherwise its Britain. They should begin with that.

Also their idea of a federal union including the Rep of Ireland is laughable, funnily enough the same idea the BMP has.

As for BMP/KKK connections, one should take a look at the Cross of St George forum, where frequent racist remarks against immigrants, Scots and Irish people can be found. I'm sure, given the current member base, he will be at home.

O'Neill said...

I agree with your main point, it's something that English nationalism needs to keep an eye on; there are a lot of opportunist waifs and strays from the BNP looking for some issue more mainsteam to exploit and use for the furtherance of their own racist aganda.

"Not confused, more commenting about this being a unionist blog."

I think I'll set up an open continuous general thread on that now.

Wyrdtimes said...

Whilst there probably are bigots within the English Democrats I haven't met any.

I'm certain that anyone openly expressing racist views similar to those you posted would be asked to leave the party PDQ.

There was an English Democrat conference last week-end and I encountered no racist views there. There was a black Englishman from Brum there, as well as people of several nationalities.

For my part at least; Englishness is defined by those who choose to live in England and who are legally entitled to do so - regardless of birthplace, ethnicity or religion.

British prejudice is also colour-blind in that the Barnett robbery and the WLQ directly affect all residents of England.

It's a given that Unionists will attempt to paint English nationalists in a racist light and there will always be the odd rotten apple but as far as I can tell, the English Democrats not racist in the slightest.

O'Neill said...

It's a given that Unionists will attempt to paint English nationalists in a racist light...

This particular Unionist hasn't seen anything racist on the ED site or indeed any of the several other Eng Nat blogs I read.
But Winder, the guy who contributed the article, has definite form in this area and I think the two questions I posed about him and his relationship with the EDs were valid and fair ones.

And I'm not the first to point out that there are elements within British fascism who are clicking onto the fact that in the absence of much support in Scotland and Wales (unfortunately they do attract the knuckle-dragger element in some NI loyalist areas) that a move towards the Eng Nat banner may be a way to further expound their racist views.

I'll not post up some of the direct links from B NP activists on the subject (basically because I don't want any of the scumbags anywhere near this site) but if you want to see what I'm getting at, try googling it yourself.

You might also find this article interesting: