Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cairns gets them (mc)chattering

The McChattering Classes and their brothers-in-arms,the CyberNats are not happy bunnies.

And all because Scottish Office Minister, David Cairns, dared to speak the heresy that perhaps, just perhaps, the further devolution of power to the Scottish devolved administration wasn’t really top of the typical voter’s "things to get worked up about list".

Even the ubiquitous Mr Scottish Labour Party Aide has got in on the act:
"I would imagine that the bulk of the Scottish party believe in the dynamic of the situation, which is that if you ask the ordinary man or woman in the street do you think the Scottish Parliament should have more powers?' the answer overwhelmingly will be yes".

The "dynamic of the situation" is being propelled forward by the separatists and the Scottish Unionists are dancing to their tune by demanding more independence for Scotland.

And the ubiquitous Mr Scottish Labour Party Aide, closeted in his party bunker, has about as much idea about what the ordinary Scottish man or woman "in the street” really thinks as the Duke of Edinburgh.

The vast majority of people anywhere in the UK require first and foremost a decent health service, pension, education system, police-force and employment prospects. They couldn’t care less which administration they’re paying their taxes to ensure those conditions. And Cairns was 100% correct when he stated:
"I'm not convinced the reason why we lost was because the Scottish people were crying out for more powers for the Scottish Parliament and they had a notion Labour was against this, so they delivered a one-seat majority to the SNP."

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The Aberdonian said...

Cairns' remarks are just the echo of what the Tories used to say when they were in power. No evidence that there are demands for devolution, more priorities etc.

Too many people wearing metrophoric togas still down there. Still think they are running an Empire and having thoughts of being carried around in litters by a troup of burley Sikh soldiers.

Probably will change his tune once the Tories are back in power down Westminster. We shall see a Damascean conversion, particuarly if the chances of Labour getting into power are shorter in Edinburgh than returning to power in London.

Presently half-way A.J.P Taylors history of the Habsburg Empire. As he reflected "when concessions were given to the nations it was always too late, never enough and led to demands for more concessions".

Makes you think.