Friday, April 24, 2009

Do we have a deal?

I think this is what you could define as “counter-intuitive”...

Basically then:

1.MP’s pay and expenses are an essential part of modern democracy and without suitable recompense we’ll back to a parliament stuffed with corruptible squires and rich layabouts (hold on a, I’ll hold my tongue, overall the point is a valid one).

2.MP’s lack the job security and salaries expected in such professions as law, accountancy and quangocracy- they should be compensated for this fact.

3.Transparency on the subject is vital, obviously, but there’s not a great deal of point complaining when MPs take advantage of legally accepted guidelines and rules (the toddler and the open chocolate jar syndrome I’ve previously mentioned).

However, cue a sudden outbreak of shoe-gazing and humming and ahh-ing before the next point:

4.If we adequately pay politicians, we have a right to expect them to work on the job full-time.

Which the very minimum anyway, no more double, triple mandates.

If every other MP (and party) in the UK (bar Alex Salmond) can manage that, then so should Northern Ireland’s Finest.

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nabidana said...

I'm with you to an extent, and covering a slightly different angle at nábídá