Monday, September 26, 2011

A fresh re-start (sort of)

For those of you may be still reading...

Geoff McGimpsey has handed over the reins of Open Unionism to Henry Hill and myself. Henry will be taking the more prominent role whilst I'll be helping out with the Facebook and twitter feeds  and the odd (probably very odd!) occasional post.

In the words of Henry (and Geoff):
Open Unionism aims to encourage discussion on the future of Unionism in the United Kingdom. This site should be a constructive forum for contributors from all shades of opinion to air new ideas. There’s lots of good things happening among individuals, but this is an attempt to pull things together in a more concentrated and coherent fashion.

This site started out as a website focusing specifically on unionism in Northern Ireland: however, with devolution posing ever more critical challenges to the constitutional order and the SNP threatening to outflank ‘Ulster’ unionism completely, our remit has expanded to cover developments in unionist thinking from across the UK and further afield
We hope it turns out to be very much collaborative process where people feel comfortable about submitting their own ideas on Union-related topics and in our first week we have had five different authors writing on topics as diverse as a federal Britain, the reconciliation of Republicanism and Unionism, an English parliament and a Scottish pro-Union fightback.

Please read, comment and contribute!